Eddi Mckee

Senior Nurse


This sassy, no-nonsense tomboy rarely wears make-up and claims not to care what other people think about her - but might Eddi be hiding a vulnerable, compassionate side behind her cynical, ironic sense of humour? Eddi believes in rigidly maintaining professional and personal boundaries; at work, she's a strict but fair boss who never gets too attached to her patients, but when Eddi takes off her uniform and lets her hair down, she really lets her hair down.

Doctors in charge? Like giving a loaded gun to a bunch of toddlers.
Eddi Mckee
  • Marital status: Single
  • Qualities: Loyal, no-nonsense, compassionate.
  • Flaws: Tough, uncompromising, steely, unforgiving.
  • Rivals: Luc, Chrissie
  • Allies: Chantelle, Sacha, Frieda

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