Professor Dame Wendy Hall

Professor of Computer Science at University of Southampton

Fact titleFact data
Professional Field
Science and engineering
25th October 1952
Place of Birth
West London
Ealing Grammar School for Girls; University of Southampton

Wendy Hall is one of the world’s leading computer scientists. She has been Dean of the faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences at Southampton University since 2010.

After completing her studies in maths and computer science at Southampton, she joined its new Computer Science Group in 1984. Her team invented a hypermedia system known as Microcosm, which predates the World Wide Web. She became the University’s first female Professor of Engineering in 1994. She went on to work with Sir Tim Berners-Lee to found the Web Science Research Initiative in 2006, which aims to foster Web Science as an academic discipline. She is a Fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering.

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