Craig Massie is another Aberdeen Harbour Boatman, working in a team with Billy Duguid. In Series 1 Episode 6 Craig gives us a guided-tour of the picturesque harbour-side village of Footdee (or Fittie as it’s known) where he was brought up. The community is a unique collection of tiny fishermen’s cottages and sheds once used for storing and mending nets. The houses have now been updated but the village, tucked away between the beach and the harbour entrance, retains its quirky character. Footdee was also home to boatmen Alan Cowper and Norman Campbell who we met at the start of the series. When they were children front doors were never locked, and their playground was the beach just yards away. Craig’s work at the harbour means he is a regular visitor to the house where he was brought up and where his mum still lives.