Cherish: Twenty-Something in the Music Industry

Info from those in the know

Did you always want to work in music?

I'm a musician so I've always known that I'd be involved with music creatively and then the business side was something that happened later. Music is my hobby, career and passion and has been since I can remember.

What did you enjoy most when you were at school?

Have total self-confidence, never regret or question your gut!

I enjoyed school but I was super super naughty. I enjoyed the creative classes most, but knew that maths, English, and science were necessary so grafted when I needed to.

Did you go to Uni?

Nope! Didn't do A-levels either. I was playing in a band when I should have been studying so I moved straight to London when I finished my GCSEs to start making my mark!

What was your first job in your career and how did you get it?

I worked at a shop on Portobello Road when I first moved to London at 16. It was opposite an awesome record shop and I went in nearly every day asking if I could work with them but they didn't need anyone... a year of nagging later, they gave me a job!

If you could give any advice to yourself when you were a teenager what would you say?

Have total self-confidence, never regret or question your gut!

What’s the most important thing you’ve learnt during your career so far?

Never sell out. Stand by what you believe in. Don't listen to the haters! And have fun.

What are the three qualities someone who wants to work in the music industry should have?

Stamina, self-belief and a big mouth!