Tom Shilcock

Tom began dancing aged 16 and is open about the fact that he started in order to meet girls!

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´╗┐Although Tom feels he is strong in multiple styles of dance, he entered the competition as a tapper to show viewers that Tap dancing can be cool and to raise the genre's profile.

Tom loves Gene Kelly because "he dances like a man". He is also a fan of Tom Jones and "can't help feeling elated" when he hears Sex Bomb.

At 19, Tom joined Laines Theatre Arts where he studied contemporary dance, musical theatre, singing and drama. Whilst at Laines, Tom performed at The Royal Variety Show, dancing with Meat Loaf and Jamelia.

Tom is in the process of setting up a dance college called Next Generation Performing Arts in Leicester with his friend. They plan on running singing and dancing workshops for children.

Tom is never normally without his trademark flat cap, which he wears everyday, even when dancing. He describes himself as a "lad's lad who isn't afraid to follow dreams".

Tom's Progress

Showcase Special: Tom took part in the group opening dance, the Boys' dance and a Broadway and Tap dance with Lee, Matt, Charlotte and Paige.

Round 1: Tom did a Hip Hop routine with Katrina.

Round 2: Tom did a Broadway routine with Katrina.

Round 3: Tom did a Quickstep with Katrina.

Round 4: Tom did a Hip Hop routine with Katrina.

Round 5: Tom did a Salsa and a Jazz routine with Katrina.

Tom and Katrina had to dance for their lives.

Unfortunately, Tom went home.