James Willmott-Brown

Well-spoken and immaculately dressed James was a rotter underneath. As poor Kathy found out.

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First appearance:
20th March 1986
Last appearance:
13th February 1992
Owner of the Dagmar Wine Bar

Ex-army officer Wilmott-Brown's arrival in Albert Square caused a few curtain twitches. Nobody likes a toff in Walford, so it was inevitable that this posh-talking public schoolboy would turn out to be a psychotic beast.

Will you forgive me?
James Willmott-Brown

His brief affair with Debs didn't rock his boat, so the smooth-talking ladies' man tricked unsuspecting Kathy into a compromising position, and raped her.

Despite his protestations of innocence, it turned out that he had form for the same offence – and when he came crawling back, asking her to start again, he was given short shrift and the mob ran him out of Albert Square back to prison... where he belongs!

Played by William Boyde