Bert Fry

Bert is one of Ambridge's vintage characters.

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Played by:
Eric Allan
7 June 1936
Retired farm worker
Lives at:
Brookfield Bungalow

With his rural verse and words of wisdom for every occasion Bert both entertains and infuriates the assembled company in equal measure. Easily bored, he will never truly retire. His hobbies and interests ensure that he's kept busy in the village from dawn to dusk.

He was tirelessly supported and provided for by faithful wife Freda until her death in March 2015.

I don't what I'll do without my Freda
Bert Fry
  • Likes - Composing verse, reciting folklore, competitive ploughing, wild flowers, cricket, black pudding... the list goes on
  • Dislikes - People who don't listen to his folklore, heights, daytime television
  • Highs - The birth of his granddaughter Amy, getting a job as a tour guide at Lower Loxley
  • Lows - When a lorry smashed into Woodbine Cottage, rendering him and wife Freda temporarily homeless

Key relationships

  • Joe Grundy (Foe) - Long standing rivalry for the role of rural village stalwart
  • Lynda Snell (Foe) - Has issues with her projects - he's thrown many a spanner in the works
  • David Archer (Friend) - and occasional employer.

Immediate family

  • Trevor Fry (Son)
  • Amy Fry (Granddaughter)