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Where to Start?

Be enthusiastic about what you care about
Ben Cooper - Controller, Radio1

Everyone can make, present, and produce their own radio show online now, so get to grips with tools like Soundcloud, Audactiy, and Mixcloud (just a few examples of the software you could use) and get making! Also remember that every town, uni, music genre (and some hospitals!) have their own radio stations, so if radio’s your thing get out there and volunteer to help out. Even if you’re spinning tracks like Agadoo (probably best not to Google that one…) it’s still a start and all practical experience will make you stand out from the crowd.

Jobs in Radio

Getting any experience you can is invaluable, work experience, internships (check out the BBC’s work experience opportunities here: and then when a team assistant or broadcast assistant job come up you’ll be in a great position to apply. In radio the general career progression is like this, but like telly this varies from place to place – click on each job to find out more:

Broadcast Assistant –> Assistant Producer –> Radio Producer -> Exec Producer -> Editor –> Controller

Twenty-Something Jobs

Want some practical tips on how to turn your dream of wokring in radio into a reality? Then make sure you check out Roushan's advice and insights on being a team assistant, or have a look at how Jennifer went from work experience to assistant producer. 

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What's New At The Academy?