Ebeneezer Goode

The point where rave culture became mainstream and legit.

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Release date:
September 1992
First recorded by:
The Shamen
Written by:
The Shamen


Another song which is so tied to its time of release that hardly anyone else has ever attempted to record it. Ebeneezer Goode was the sound of the underground making itself visible.

Naughty, naughty. VERRRY naughty!
Ebeneezer Goode

Just as in 1967, here was a movement (Rave culture) that had grown to a point where it had finally impinged on the British public's consciousness. The 'second summer of love' of rave culture had been going since 1989, but by the early '90s it hit the UK charts with full force, and Ebeneezer Goode was probably its first number one single.

The record was filled with not-so-subtle references to drug paraphenalia ("Got any Veras?") and, of course, the stimulant which almost single-handedly created rave in the first place ("Eezer Goode" = "Es are good"), delivered in Mr C's mockney voice. It also came equipped with the requisite samples necessary to mark any production of the time as 'cutting edge' - in this case the opening clip of Malcolm McDowell from Lindsay Anderson's 1973 film O Lucky Man! 


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