Alison Hughes

Born and raised in the Lake District, Alison was your typical British head girl: Charming, Funny, Smart.

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The girl for whom, with the exception of an early unplanned pregnancy which produced her daughter, Rebecca, and a short-lived shotgun marriage, nothing ever went wrong and she certainly never failed.

She is her father's favourite child, embodying the virtues that he values: determination, stamina and indefatigability. She can't stand being out of control, but knows that to help Joe she has to relinquish control. But knowing and doing it are two different things.

After Joe’s diagnosis, she is the best mother he could have... and the worst. Her approach is clear-cut: however they do it, they will ‘cure’ Joe so he fits in an unforgiving world. It will be a hard route but, for Joe, the right route. And it is this attitude which sets her on a collision course with Paul.