Vera Claythorne

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Played by
Maeve Dermody

A games mistress, now beginning a secretarial career after witnessing a terrible tragedy, Vera is decent and polite and plays down her compelling beauty to evade the attention of men.

But she is hostage to her darker self…

Maeve Dermody on Vera

"She has everything going on, she is so complicated and unexpected. You’re surprised by her and what her life has been. The script was incredibly strong – it’s period but feels contemporary, raw and fierce – and it’s just such a good role.

“She’s really strong – what has happened in the past would destroy most people but she is there carrying on. She hasn’t recovered, but she has these jobs and supports herself as a single woman in the 1930s so she’s powerful in that way. But she won't show anyone her true self..."

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