Israel Donowa

18 year old Hip Hop dancer Israel is the youngest in the competition. He describes himself as "laid back and sometimes shy", but he feels he comes out of his shell when he dances. He says "I grew up in a rough area so if I hadn't discovered dance I'd probably be going down a completely different path to where I am today."

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Now in his third year studying dance at The Urdang Academy, Israel has been learning many styles including Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap and Commercial dance. He also works as a backing dancer alongside his studies and recently danced with Whitney Houston.

Israel initially didn't have the confidence to apply for SYTYCD as he didn't know if he was ready or experienced enough, so he was very happy to be proved wrong by the judges' decision to include him in the final 20!

Michael Jackson is Israel's hero; he knows many of the dance routines including Thriller, Dangerous and Smooth Criminal.

Israel's Progress

Showcase Special: Israel took part in the group opening dance, the Boys' dance and a Hip Hop dance with Lee, Charlie and Rithy.

Round 1: Israel did a Disco routine with Bethany Rose.

Round 2: Israel did a Hip Hop routine with Bethany Rose.

Round 3: Israel did a Contemporary routine with Bethany Rose.

Round 4: Israel did a Commercial routine with Bethany Rose.

Round 5: Israel did a Lyrical Hip Hop and a Charleston with Bethany Rose.

Israel and Bethany Rose had to dance for their lives, but were saved by the judges.

All remaining dancers now have new partners.

Round 6: Israel did a Broadway routine with Katie.

Israel had to dance for his life.

Unfortunately, Israel was sent home.