Molly O'Hara

Unashamedly outspoken, Molly’s brand of honesty might not rest easy with everyone, but at least she says it like she sees it.

Her aggressive and hard nature became apparent early on in her life. It was born out of necessity as Molly was illegitimate, the living embodiment of her parents' shame. Resented by her mother, Molly’s was not a happy childhood.

As a young woman, Molly quickly discovered she could manipulate men. However, it wasn't long before she fell pregnant to Brian O'Hara. Life with Brian was a struggle and Molly grew disillusioned with her life, seeking excitement in the arms of other men.

More children of questionable parentage followed, but maternal instincts were in short supply. When Brian died, he left Molly penniless with seven kids to support. One by one the children left home until only Scarlett and Bob remained. They suffered the most, bearing the brunt of their mother’s frustrations, especially Scarlett who was always a Daddy’s girl.

Meanwhile Bob was fed on a diet of fat foods and putdowns. Over time, Molly repaired her relationship with Bob, finally acknowledging her part in his obesity and funding the rehab to save his life.

These days, she’s thawed a little and has her own unique relationships with her family. Sometimes prickly but always forthright, Molly would do anything for one of her own. She loves Scarlett and her offspring, and has made steadfast friendships with Robbie, Ellie, and new housemate, Liz. She comes and goes on Alasdair, but when he gave her marijuana tea to help her arthritic pain, she gave him a room.