Hayley Tucker

Hayley's bubbling insouciance is infectious.

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Played by:
Lorraine Coady
Nanny / school trips host
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Amiable and always ready with a listening ear, she's popular with adults and children alike. How ironic then that she struggled to get pregnant, eventually giving birth to Abbie in 2007.

The family happily settled in the larger part of the extended and divided Willow Farmhouse. As long as Phoebe's mother Kate wasn't on the scene, life was just peachy for this jolly soul.

And then Roy had an affair with his - and Hayley's - boss, Elizabeth Pargetter. It jeopardised both their jobs, and their entire marriage.

Shall we do some potato prints, Abbie?
Hayley Tucker
  • Likes - Children, singing
  • Dislikes - Many things rural; she's a city girl at heart
  • Highs - Taking her little girl home after she was born ten weeks early
  • Lows - The guilt she felt after the death of ex-boyfriend John Archer; discovering Roy's affair

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