Captain David Tibbs

225th Field Parachute Ambulance, 6th Airborne Division

Qualifying as a doctor in 1943, David Tibbs joined the Royal Army Medical Corps as a parachute doctor in the newly formed 6th Airborne Division.

After tough jump training in which Captain Tibbs saw several men killed and many injured, he dropped into Normandy aged 24. Tibbs' task was to find and treat any paratroopers injured in the drop before moving to the Field Parachute Ambulance's Main Dressing Station which was to be set up in a nearby Chateau.

Captain Tibbs treated hundreds of severely wounded men on D-Day. He later parachuted into the Ardennes and the Rhine before finishing the war in the Far East.

Returning to civilian life, he qualified as a surgeon and went on to devote many years to a distinguished career in the NHS, helping to build the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford.

Captain Tibbs was awarded the Military Cross for his work clearing the parachute drop zone while under fire.