Harry Mason

Bridge Farm Dairies took Harry on as a new milkman when they expanded their rounds in 2010. Harry is sporty, good looking and full of bright ideas, which would be plenty of reasons for Jazzer to resent him.

Add to this Fallon's friendship with Harry and you'll understand that it was only imminent homelessness which forced Jazzer to accept Harry's offer of a spare room.

I've started this database of milk round customers...
Harry Mason
  • Likes - Martial arts, cricket, cycling
  • Dislikes - Mess, which is tricky when Jazzer lives with you
  • Highs - Winning the Ambridge single wicket competition 2010
  • Lows - Being made redundant from a building society, before getting the milkman job

Key relationships

  • Fallon Rogers (Friend) - He was very supportive after Sid died and helped out in The Bull.
  • Jack 'Jazzer' McCreary (Flatmate) - Meet Ambridge's very own odd couple
  • Zofia (Girlfriend)...except she's now returned to Poland. He visits from time to time

Michael Shelford

Michael grew up in Cambridgeshire. After going to the University of Exeter he attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He joined the Archers in 2010 during his time on the BBC Radio Drama Company (the ‘Rep’)

Other careeer

Playing Luther in DH Lawrence’s play The Daughter in Law.

Archers highlights

Attempting to sing Wannabe by the Spice Girls with Ryan Kelly (Jazzer).


  • Actor - Mark Rylance
  • Book - All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Film - Stand By Me