WPC Gina Dawson

Gina is chatty and fun, clever and compassionate.

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She loves to tease people, and gets away with it by keeping a straight face and innocent veneer. She is used to being underestimated by men - her pretty face and affable nature hide the fact that she is as smart as a whip.

Her ambition to join the police began at an early age, and she has been single-minded in her ambition to achieve this goal.

Gina completed her two years probationary training at Divisional Headquarters in Birmingham with flying colours. She has returned to her home town of Brinford (just outside Birmingham) to be the first policewoman appointed there.

She wants to make a difference, especially to the women and girls who are often handled insensitively by male police officers.

She believes wholeheartedly in the rule of law and will be unsettled when she comes across corruption and rough justice within the force.

Gina is keen and determined to do a good job, but her lack of experience and impulsive nature sometimes lets her down. She will take personal risks to follow a lead, and doesn’t always weigh up the consequences.

But her empathy, intuitiveness, inquisitive nature and guts under pressure make her capable of being an excellent cop.

Played by Jennie Jacques.