Meet Jackmaster

What is Jackmaster?

Your new favourite DJ.

What is Jackmaster not?


What is the most played tune on your mp3 player right now?

Bobby Brown - 'On Our Own' from the Ghostbusters II sound track. I have a bit of a thing for 80s music.

What is your guilty secret record?

I try not to have any guilty secrets in music but if I'm gonna be 100% honest I do feel kinda guilty about my early passion for indie music as a kid.

What was the first record you bought?

In accordance with the above, probably something by Oasis or even worse, Shed 7. I was very young, don't judge me.

What is the soundtrack inside your head right now?

Anything and everything by SCNTST from Germany.

What is the biggest gig you have played?

I think Sonar by night, 2011 in Barcelona. About 8,000 people. Strangely enough it was less nerve racking than DJing back home in Glasgow to 100 people

What is the smallest gig you have played?

Depends if you mean smallest venues or smallest crowds. In my early years I literally played festival slots to 3 security guards and a sound man. It went off though.

Who would you most like to DJ head to head with?

Jeff Mills circa 1995. 

Do you have any DJing superstitions?


Who would play you in the movie of your life?

DeNiro. Obviously I'd be terrible as a casting director, but he's a hero of mine.

What has been the greatest moment in your life so far?

Such a difficult question. There have been so many highlights (mostly related to music), but I try not to look into the past in that respect. I'm not a very reflective person. I'm always thinking of what's to come rather than dwelling on the past, and I try to live for the moment, especially when I'm DJing.