Natalie Lowe

Australian Natalie is 32 years old.

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Dance Partner

In 2011, Natalie was partnered with Audley Harrison, and despite the former boxer's size 17 feet, the duo made a remarkably graceful team. They managed to stay an impressive seven weeks in the competition.

I just want to put in lots of hard work and try to make it past the finishing line!
Natalie Lowe

Natalie's biggest success to date in Strictly came in  2009, with Hollyoaks star Ricky Whittle. The pair scored consistently well with the judges but finished the competition in second place. Natalie described Ricky as ''One of the most talented celebrities Strictly has ever seen. I feel very blessed to have been partnered with him.''


Natalie was born into a family of five in 1980 in Sydney, Australia. Her parents weren't dancers, apart from the occasional shuffle around the kitchen table, but she was encouraged by her neighbours to start ballroom dancing at the local Seven Hills RSL club in 1985.

Natalie had her first try-out in 1986. She later decided she wanted to dance with her brother Glenn, an amateur champion who was five years older than her. This meant that she missed out most of her junior years to dance with him and went straight to the adult category.

Together, the siblings competed in many small, intensive trips overseas and had lessons from some of the world's best teachers. Natalie was planning to move to Europe to further her dance education and training, but due to a family illness she stayed in Australia. What she didn't realise at the time, was that this would be the start of her Strictly story, as she was picked to be a regular dancer on Dancing With The Stars in Australia. 


When Natalie's not dancing, she has a whole host of hobbies and interests to keep her occupied including fishing, surfing, camping, water skiing and walking her labrador.

Natalie's speciality is Ballroom dancing.


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