Pat Evans

Pat's earring collection was the envy of womankind. She ploughed through a veritable herd of husbands and lovers and was a first-class survivor.

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First appearance:
12th June 1986
Last appearance:
Pub landlady/B&B landlady/bookkeeper/pensioner/ghost

Since her pre-Walford days as gangster's moll to underworld kingpin Johnny Allen, Pat worked her way through the men of East London - husbands, lovers, even paying customers. But Frank Butcher was the love of her life.

I've just about had enough of you Janine!
Pat Evans

Pat's arch rival over the years was Peggy Mitchell – they fought for Frank’s attention, but their animosity softened, finally disappearing during a bout of drunk and disorderly behaviour behind the wheel of an ice cream van in a hospital car park.

In Albert Square, if Pat wasn't related to you, she'd be up in your business. If you were homeless, she'd take you in (and mix you a Pink Lady at her cocktail bar). As far as Walford was concerned, if you had Pat on your side, you were made.

She was the (diamonte-studded, gold plated) jewel in Walford’s crown. When she died in 2012, all of Walford turned out to mourn the death of a true Walford icon. The End of an Earring.

Played by Pam St Clement