King Krule

Archy Marshall's forging a restless, stumbling oeuvre in London.

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Based in
East Dulwich

Having previously recorded as Zoo Kid before switching to King Krule, former Brit Schooler Archy Marshall has been at this game rather longer than his tender years suggest - he's still only 18. But it's with his current crop of songs that he's rightly turning heads.

Possessing a palpable world-weariness, Marshall's songs are akin to those one might associate with longer-in-the-tooth troubadours like Morrissey or Edwyn Collins. But what's wrong with sounding like the classics, especially when you channel them so effortlessly?

With his Estuary English vowels, there's also a little Weller about this rising talent, instantly evident on his The Noose of Jah City single. A YouTube comment beneath said track's video also posits: "the new Joe Strummer?"

As 2013 unfolds it's likely to find King Krule carving a niche every inch as impressive as those of his influences.


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