Linda Andrews

Played by Christine Tremarco

Fact titleFact data
Series 25, Episode 38 "The Gift of Life"
Final Appearance:
Series 27, Episode 35 "Isolated Incident"
Staff Nurse

Linda was a typical live fast, die young type of woman. Men adored her, attracted by her good looks and strong sense of self, but women loved her too because she is the life and soul of the party and a real girl's girl. She was definitely an everywoman and would always fight for the underdog. She loved to party, and hated hard work, but she was an excellent nurse.

Linda Facts

  • Joined Casualty 4th June 2011.
  • Originally appeared whilst Jessica was in a coma. Once Jessica recovered, they went off on a Thelma and Louise style adventure.
  • Linda reappeared back in Holby when Charlie was looking for a locum nurse.
  • She was appointed the new Clinical Nurse Manager, but she hated the bureaucracy and handed the job back to Tess.