George, Duke of Clarence

Played by David Oakes

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The son of the Duke of York, George is the elder of Edward IV’s two younger brothers.

He shares Warwick’s displeasure of Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth and all the ‘commoners’ that the alliance has brought to court.

Warwick offers to help him overthrow Edward, and they briefly hold him captive at Warwick Castle. George marries Warwick's eldest daughter Isabel to signify their allegiance.

Edward is restored to power, but Isabel quickly becomes pregnant. Warwick and George hope it is a boy so that they can challenge Edward's power once again.

However, Isabel is forced to make a sea voyage in the later stages of her pregnancy and she gives birth to a son who dies soon afterwards.

Although George returns to his brother, he grows increasingly paranoid about his position and Elizabeth's influence over the King.

When his wife Isabel dies shortly after childbirth, he is convinced that Elizabeth has poisoned her and accuses her of being a witch. He also attempts to marry a French princess so he can overthrow Edward from the English throne. He is tried for treason and drowned in a butt of Malmsey wine.


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