Prof. Colin Blakemore

Scientific legend unlocking the human brain

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Profession :
Scientist and Campaigner

Colin is a neurobiologist who specialises in vision and development of the brain. His pioneering work brings the wonder and magic of the human brain to life. This has opened up a world of medical discoveries,  including understanding conditions such as autism, dyslexia and schizophrenia.

A brilliant communicator and someone that sees the future
- Prof. David Nutt

A well-known face in the science world, Colin has also broadcast on television and radio and frequently writes books about science. He has also had his fair share of column inches in the national and international press, often on the subject of animal testing which he supports in certain circumstances for medical research.

Colin is also a keen campaigner and activist getting involved with everything from The Supranuclear Palsy Association to Understanding Animal Research and the UK Drug Policy Commission. He is very much a man on a mission and will remain a trailblazer for years to come.