Detective Sergeant Nick Mohammed

Meet writer, performer (and now Princess Diana fan and detective), Nick Mohammed...

Detective Sergeant Nick Mohammed's file

Likes: solving crimes

Dislikes: The Shard

Previous criminal convictions: stealing bulldog clips off old case files

Weight: 59 stone (substantial underestimate)

Would like to meet; Princess Diana

Has never: Died

Number of arrests: 12 billion

Number of court appearances: CONFIDENTIAL!

About Nick Mohammed

This is Nick's fourth series for Radio 4. Previous shows include: Quarters, In Bits and Apollo 21.

He has just filmed a lead role in new E4 comedy Drfiters - due out this autumn - and has featured in a host of top comedies including Life's Too Short, Miranda, 10 O'Clock Live, The King is Dead and I'm Sorry, I’ve Got No Head.

Last year Nick wrote his first original film, Magic, for Channel 4′s Coming Up scheme, which was also shown as part of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

He is currently working on a new live show plus several television scripts including The Making of Mr Swallow and a multi-character vehicle One Small Leap with Adam Riches.