What If by Dina Garipova

What if I could change the path of time

What if I had the power to decide

What if I could make us unify

If I

If I

What if we would open up the doors

What if we could help each other more

What if i could make you all believe

If we

If we

What if we all

Opened our arms

What if we

Came together as one

What if we aimed

To stop the alarms

What if we chose to

Bury our guns

Why don’t we always

Reach out to those

Who need us the most

Together we can change the path of time

Together we have power to decide

The answer lies within our hearts and minds



Together we can make a better place

On this little island out in space

Together we can change the world forever

Let’s unite and make a change

Let’s unite and write a new page

Come on sinners come on saints

Have faith

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