Tony King

Bianca thought the world of Tony, unaware that he was not quite the well-meaning rough diamond he pretended to be.

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First appearance:
12th September 2008
Last apperance:
18th December 2009 (Deceased July 2013)

Evil Tony King was a classic case of too-good-to-be-true. Outwardly he seemed like a kind, caring, man, a loving boyfriend who was an excellent candidate for stepdad to Bianca's brood. In reality, he was a child abuser.

I'll take care of you.
Tony King

He groomed Bianca's step-daughter Whitney, manipulating the vulnerable young girl until she fell under his spell. They began a sexual relationship which was halted after he was sent to prison for assaulting a teenage boy who propositioned Whitney.

Tony began to lose interest in Whitney as she approached 16 years. However, Whitney believed that they would run away on her birthday, and told Bianca so on the day.

Sickened at what had been happening under her nose, Bianca called the police. Tony was sent down for 13 years after Whitney realised the extent of his manipulation and testified against him in court.

Played by Chris Coghill