Patrick Trueman

With his trademark trilby cocked to one side, his taste for Caribbean rum and an eye for the ladies, Patrick is a mainstay of the Walford community.

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First appearance:
13th September 2001
No. 20 Albert Square

Trouble is always just round the corner (shop) for Patrick Trueman. Former owner of Walford's Minute Mart, Patrick is as much the go-to guy for words of wisdom as he is for snacks and soap powder.

Born in Trinidad, Patrick came to the UK in the 1950s to find work. He was subjected to racism and, during the 1958 Notting Hill race riots, was convicted of assault. Later Patrick married Audrey after she allegedly fell pregnant with his son, Paul. In 1970, they had a second child, Anthony but Patrick left Audrey and the children shortly after. Scandalous behaviour!

Arriving in Walfrod for Audrey's funeral, Patrick discovered that Paul wasn't his biological son, but still managed to maintain a father son relationship with him. Sterling entrpuenuer and a friendly face, serial rum drinker Patrick continues to grace The Square.

Played by Rudolph Walker