Thank you. It feels great!

I walked into the green room and Miles Jupp was there eating a sandwich. It was like an excellent dream.
Jonny Pelham

Why stand-up comedy?

I am not sure, it is just always something I have wanted to do. It is scary but in a good way, like sky-diving, rather than being attacked by a bear.

Tell us about your first gig

My first time doing comedy was an audition-like thing underground at Newcastle Students’ Union in front of about seven people, all of whom were the other acts. No-one laughed. I remember leaving thinking, well that was rubbish, but it least it can’t get any worse. It turns out it can.

However, sometimes it goes well, and then you have a temporary feeling of happiness/superiority.

Why did you enter the Award?

The BBC is such a prestigious name and it just felt like a great opportunity.

What’s been the highlight so far?

At the Birmingham semi-final I walked into the green room and Miles Jupp was there eating a prawn sandwich. It was like walking into an excellent dream.

What the BBC Radio 2 listeners can expect from your performance at the live final on Monday 9th December?

Just words really. Sometimes I change the tone a bit. That usually indicates a joke.

Do you have a secret skill you’ll be unveiling at the final?

Maybe. I don’t, but 'maybe' is more interesting than 'no'.

If you win, what will you spend the £1000 prize money on? Do you have any plans for your own radio show?

I would probably buy and partly insure a car. Not a good car like on television, more like one you see on the side of a motorway.

Finally, why should people vote for you as the winner of the BBC Radio New Comedy Award 2013?

Because I am class. And it is Christmas soon.


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