Me and You

by Poppy Holloway, aged 11

2012 BRONZE WINNER - 9 Years & Under

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I'm on the beach with you now, we are sat in the café. I've brought you a hot chocolate. I lift the cup to your lip, you sip it then you dribble a bit. I put the cup down and mop your face. You smile at me. I take you for a walk, I talk to you softly, you listen carefully you have all ways been a great listener.

It had been a normal school day like any other, boring as usual. I wanted something interesting to happen and it did. When I got home no one was there. I began to worry so I decided to go to Anne's next door. As I knocked on her door a police car pulled up. The policewoman knocked on our door.

I carry on walking until I see a bench. I sit down and take some bread out of my bag. I crumble it into your hand and help you throw it to the seagulls. I'm positively sure I saw you smile.

My first (and hopefully my last) time of being in a police car, she took me to the hospital. At the hospital nurses were rushing around busy. One of them took me to a bed, the woman on it looked like my mum. This woman had machines, wires and tubes all around her. This woman was my mum.

The birds have eaten all the bread and it looks like it will start to rain so I push you back up the hill. I'm getting stronger now, I push you up the hill every Sunday. As I go through the door I get greeted with warm hug from Rachel. I'm glad to be loved. I'm glad to be loved by someone.

It turned out that a car hit you, they told me that you had a brain injury. They said you were going to die but I didn't believe them. I'm angry with you but I don't know why. I still love you but I don't feel you love me as much as I love you. They say you may have to stay in hospital for more than one year. When you come back home we have to have a carer stay with us.

I close the door behind me, Rachel asks me if you have had a drink this morning. We put you on the sofa so you can go to sleep. I go and talk to Rachel in the kitchen, she is making dinner for me whilst I'm doing my homework. When I grow up I want to be a carer. Life is different now I can tell you that for sure but I would rather have you like this than not have you at all. You learn to love what you've got not what you want.

On Sundays I take you down the beach and we share a hot chocolate. Sunday is my favourite day of the week because I get to spend some time with you alone.