Terry Spraggan Jnr

Terry Jnr, or TJ for short, is a quiet soul with a mature outlook on life. Although he comes across as aloof, he doesn’t mind being on the edge of his chaotic family life.

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First appearance:
7th November 2013
Last appearance:
12th September 2014

TJ has spent much of his life trying not to be noticed; unfortunately it has meant that he’s sometimes overlooked. But he doesn’t seem to mind, preferring to be on the outside looking in, especially when it comes to family life.

If he could have one wish, it would be that his parents had never split up. Unlike Rosie, he is old enough to remember the good times when Terry and Nikki lived together. Despite Nikki being away a lot, he loved when she would come home with armfuls of presents from duty free – what kid wouldn’t? He just doesn’t understand why everything had to end - probably because he was never aware of his mum’s wayward ways. In his eyes, Nikki is perfect!

Played by George Sergeant