Isabel Neville

Played by Eleanor Tomlinson

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Isabel is the elder daughter of Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick.

She is very influenced by her father’s opinions, and therefore disproves of Edward’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville, a Lancastrian commoner.

She realises that she has to get a good marriage to secure her place in society, and is delighted when her father arranges for her to marry the King's brother George.

However, she is heartbroken when she discovers that her marriage was arranged for political reasons, rather than her father having her interest at heart.

Her husband and father are delighted when they discover she is pregnant, hoping for a boy so that George can challenge Edward for the throne.

When her family is forced to exile to France, she travels with them although being in the later stages of her pregnancy. There is a bad storm while she is travelling and she goes into labour early. Although her younger sister Anne does everything she can to help, the baby boy dies.

Isabel dies shortly after the birth of her fourth child. George is convinced that she has been poisoned by Elizabeth.


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