Jimmi Clay

Jimmi is a favourite with both patients and colleagues alike, but he has been known to let the past colour his professional opinion.

Jimmi has had a bit of a rough ride but always manages to bounce back. The death of his mother had an enormous effect on his upbringing, resulting in a tumultuous relationship with his domineering father. Frequently confined for being 'naughty', his childhood trauma has resulted in Jimmi suffering from both claustrophobia and OCD although his attacks are now relatively infrequent and he has developed coping techniques.

Jimmi enjoyed a stint as the resident doctor on 'Letherbridge FM' but let life as a minor celebrity go to his head. The show attracted some unwanted attention from a fanatic brother and sister duo who kidnapped their beloved Dr Jimmi and forced him to face his demons, but Jimmi escaped relatively unscathed.

His marriage to Cherry was horribly short lived - his desperation to settle down marred his judgement. Her betrayal with former best friend Daniel has muddied the waters at The Mill somewhat...

Adrian Lewis Morgan

  • Before landing the role as Dr Jimmi Clay, Adrian played Nurse Liam Evans in Holby City and has been in many theatre productions such as Les Miserables, Rent, Sweeney Todd, As You Like It and Jesus Christ Superstar