Zuckerberg Talks Change at Facebook

"Fake news" is a phrase being bandied about liberally at the moment. Facebook has received its fair share of flak for failing to combat the phenomenon. Their CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been speaking to the BBC's Kamal Ahmed about how he intends to address this issue to strengthen the connected community and prevent people turning away from social media.

With limited resources, the world is always on the look out for new and renewable energy sources. The latest one could be right under our feet - grass. Mike Johnson has been to the site in Britain that could be home to the world's first grass-fed power station.

We speak to the director and producer of another Oscar-nominated short documentary. This time it's a film about the heroic Syrian volunteer workers who risk their lives rescuing the injured from bombed houses in Aleppo, entitled "The White Helmets".

Donald Trump came out fighting on Thursday in a rowdy press conference in which he lambasted the mainstream media for "dishonesty" and insisted everything was running according to plan. We ask our guests if this is the best way to handle the press pack.

Rahul Tandon tells us how India's richest man thinks Donald Trump is good for the South Asian nation, plus why it has taken so long for the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to get a new chief minister.

In light of the discovery of rare film of Marcel Proust, we also discuss why archive film and sound manages to stimulate our sense of connection to historical figures.

Roger Hearing is joined throughout from Singapore by Parag Khanna, Senior Fellow at the Lee Kuan Yew School and from New York by Anu Partanen - Author of The Nordic Theory of Everything: In Search of a Better Life.

(Photo: Mark Zuckerberg addresses Facebook employees. Credit: Reuters)

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