I Exposed "Sex for Grades" Scandal

Journalist Lucilia Jose was determined to do something about the scandal of schoolgirls in Mozambique being pressured into having sex with their male teachers in exchange for higher grades. In 2008, the Ministry of Education reported that 70% of female pupils knew of teachers pressuring their students in this way, so Lucilia decided to do something about it.

Outlook's Nicholas Walton goes to visit the "human library" in Singapore, where it is people - not books - who tell the stories.

Photographer Paolo Rossi must be one of the most patient men in Italy. He spends hours and hours waiting to catch sight of wolves, specifically the ones living in the Val Trebbia valley. He explains why he finds them so fascinating.

Garry Fraser grew up in a housing estate called Muirhouse in the north of Edinburgh, which was also home to Irvine Welsh - the man who wrote the book Trainspotting, on which the famous film was based. Although Garry's early life involved drugs, addiction and crime, he turned things around and has ended up getting an important job on the second Trainspotting film - which has just been released. He tells Jo Fidgen about his younger self.

(Picture credit: Graeme Robertson/Getty Images.)

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