2017: Prepare for Anything

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Today we examine the risks and the opportunities of 2017 with two UK-based market experts. With President Trump heading for the White House, big elections scheduled in Europe in the next twelve months, and China's economy continuing to slow, does this promise to be the most unpredictable year anyone can remember? The forecasts weren't exactly robust for the last 12 months, how will they prove this time? Johanna Kyrklund, global head of multi-asset investment at Schroders, and Lena Komileva, the managing director of G+ Economics, consider the known unknowns. Also in the programme we look ahead to another emerging force threatening to disrupt industry - the autonomous vehicle, or self-driving car. We could start seeing them widely on some of our roads within the next five years, but will they really take over? And if they do, what will that mean for the car industry as we know it? US sci-fi novelist, and futurist thinker, Eliot Pepper, considers the issues along with Deloitte's US automotive and industrial products leader, Craig Giffi.

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