VW Shareholder Calls for Leadership Change

One of Volkswagen's biggest shareholders says the company's new CEO and chairman are not the men to restore trust in the car-maker following its diesel emissions scandal. Ingo Speich, from Union Investment, says the company should appoint leaders from outside the firm.

Europe's migration crisis is putting huge pressure on the continent's system of passport-free movement, now in place across most EU countries and known as the Schengen agreement. But now Sweden, a member of Schengen, has reinstated border controls in the light of the crisis. EU Council President Donald Tusk has said that Schengen is now on the brink of collapse. British economist Roger Bootle gives us his view.

The number of US citizens renouncing their nationality is hitting new heights. Russell Newlove speaks to Americans living in Paris to find out why.

Plus, we discuss the merits of alumni networks, and find out how a wall in Seattle has become home to more than a million pieces of chewing gum - is it an art installation or eye-sore?

We're joined throughout by Stephanie Studer, South Korea bureau chief at The Economist, in Seoul, and José Martín, a radical organizer and a militant researcher of social unrest, in Washington.

(Photo: Greenpeace activists demonstrate at the entrance to the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. Credit: John Macdougal, Getty Images)

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