Stalked By My Ex-Boyfriend

In 2009 Alison Hewitt was living in Brighton in the south of England, training hard to become a doctor. Finding it difficult to meet people with her irregular shifts, she decided to try to meet a partner through an exclusive dating agency. The man she met - Al Amin Dhalla - was a seemingly respectable financial worker who had moved to the UK from Canada, and they ended up living together for several months. But when Alison tried to break off the relationship at the end of 2010, Al began a campaign of terror against Alison and her family. She's now written a book about her experience called Stalked.

Nepal has just named a mountain after 90-year-old Elizabeth Hawley, the American woman whose name strikes fear into the heart of any would-be climbing cheat. That's because for more than 50 years Elizabeth has kept the unofficial database of successful climbs from the Himalayan kingdom, including of course, ascents of Everest. And she's not afraid to dispute what she's told.

Yaroslav Semenenko is a Ukrainian paralympic swimmer with no arms who lives and trains in the city of Donetsk. Our reporter Andriy Kravets spoke to Yaroslav at the International Paralympic Committee's European Swimming Championships held in Holland this August, where Yarslav won two gold medals and a silver. He spoke about what opportunities there are for disabled people in Ukraine and described what it's like trying to train in a warzone.

James Ostrer is a young British photographer whose work adds new meaning to the expression "you are what you eat". For his latest exhibition, Wotsit All About, he covered his models in highly coloured sweets, biscuits and other delicious edibles - all to highlight the developed world's obsession with indulgence. It's worth having a look on our Facebook page to see the images. Nicola Barranger went to get a taste of the exhibition in London and meet the artist.

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