'More rational shopping decisions' made to pop music

A study of 2,000 shoppers has found that they tend to make better decisions when pop music, football commentary and general chatting are the background sound.

However, unhelpful sounds for buyers included classical music and a crying baby which, according to the study by the University of London to mark eBay's 15th anniversary, put shoppers in a bad mood and caused them to make poor assessments of value and quality.

When our reporter Nick Garnett played Pharrell Williams' song Happy to shoppers, they "cheered up" and admitted they "would spend more".

The participants went through a simulated online store for five products; a blender, wine, a board game, trainers and a barbecue; while their
perceptions of value, quality and emotional responses were measured while listening to various sounds.

This clip is originally from 5 live Drive on Wednesday August 20 2014.

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