Guatemala and Canada

Linda Pressly traces one man's epic journeys between the USA and Guatemala - taking in gang life, deportation, the loss of a leg and coercive rehab programmes on the way. Amid the violence and the strong-arm tactics of the State in Guatemala City, can he really use his command of English to forge a new life as a call-centre worker?

And Sian Griffiths pays a stomach-churning visit to a farm in Ontario which raises insects for food. Despite all sorts of expert projections claiming that insect-eating or entophagy might be the only way to feed the world's growing population enough protein, some people still have a gut reaction to the idea - no! Would you fancy a cricket cookie?

Producer: Polly Hope

Photo: A man deported from the US looks dejected as he speaks to Foreign Ministry officials upon his return to Guatemala City on September 2, 2008, Credit: Eitan Ambramovitch/AFP/Getty Images)

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