One month until Scotland's independence vote

We examine a key referendum issue - oil and gas in Scottish waters in the North Sea.

As economic tensions between Russia and the West ramp up, one European country - Switzerland - is profiting from the tit-for-tat sanctions. We hear from happy Swiss business owners.

Also in the programme, worried that the UK may be becoming isolated from the rest of Europe, US banks are supposedly drawing up contingency plans to move elsewhere. But where would they go?

Plus, we hear about the latest technique to sniff out counterfeit dollar bills - machines that identify the particular -smell- of American money.

And Lucy Kellaway from the Financial Times gives us her thoughts on Daimler's recent ruling that staff on vacation can delete all the email that arrives when they're away.

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Mon 18 Aug 2014 16:32 GMT

Britain and the EU - what next?

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Leading politicians and business experts debate the future for the UK and Europe

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World Business Report at 25

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