#Indyref: Scottish Referendum Online

Passions are running high in the run up to the Scottish Referendum, when the country will vote for or against independence from the rest of the United Kingdom. The debate is being played out across social platforms in the shape of songs, communities, hashtags and even online abuse, or trolling.

BBC Trending headed up to Scotland to meet the voices behind some of this digital noise. Presenter Anne-Marie Tomchak met Richard Crawford in the Highlands, a volunteer who spreads the word of the Better Together Campaign from his home by running local Facebook communities. Then to Edinburgh where Anne-Marie met Lady Alba, or Zara Gladman, a 28-year-old volunteer from Glasgow for the Yes Scotland campaign. She’s making parody videos on YouTube. We also hear from the people heading up the official social media accounts for both campaigns.

Presenter Anne-Marie Tomchak is joined from Edinbrugh by social media expert Mike McGrail.

The programme was produced by Anna Meisel.

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Sun 17 Aug 2014 22:32 GMT

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