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Our human senses are pretty incredible - but we only see, hear and smell a tiny fraction of what's out there. There is a hidden world that animals across the globe can experience. In this episode we explore the powerful world of scent and the animals that have pushed their sense of smell far beyond human abilities. In the Bahamas, Helen dives into shark-infested waters with only a small pouch of liquid as her defence. Patrick controls the behaviour of a swarm of bees using tiny traces of scent, and he gets uncomfortably close to one of the smelliest animals in the world - a skunk!

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Role Contributor
PresenterHelen Czerski
PresenterPatrick Aryee
ProducerSam Hodgson
DirectorSam Hodgson
Series ProducerAlex Williamson
Executive ProducerTim Martin

Meet Helen and Patrick

Meet Helen and Patrick

Helen Czerski, physicist, and Patrick Aryee, biologist

The senses

The senses

Read more about how animals perceive the world.