Scuttling spiders

What is it about spiders that freaks out so many humans? Well the most common answer is that they scuttle and have too many legs. Even when we see them scuttling away from us - that movement still seems to make us squirm. In the UK the most dangerous spider we have is the woodlouse spider, equipped with pincers so strong it can pierce the shell of a woodlouse. It might give you a bit of a nip when gardening and if you are unlucky you might be allergic and have to go to hospital, but to be fair it's unlikely to do any real damage. No other British spider can do you any damage, but a reputation can be difficult to shake off, especially when some female species bite the head off their mate. But on the positive side, there are few things more beautiful in nature than a spider's web, which can take less than an hour to produce.

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