Hunting Honduras' Child Smugglers

Commissioner Miguel Martinez Madrid is head of the Honduran Special Tactical Operations Group. He used to tackle drug crime, but now spends his time trying to stop smugglers known as 'coyotes' transporting children illegally across the border.

Lindsey, from Minnesota in the United States, became so fed up with being sexually harassed in the street on her way to work that she decided to take action. When a passerby says or does something she finds offensive Lindsey challenges them about their behaviour - and films the encounters on her phone.

Dario Gambarin uses a tractor to cut huge portraits of world leaders into the Italian countryside. His picture of Nelson Mandela went viral when the former South African president died. His work is now well-known, despite the initial disapproval of his farmer father.

The remote and storm-lashed isle of Rockall in the North Atlantic is a famously desolate place. So British amateur adventurer Nick Hancock challenged himself to see how long he could spend living there. He has just set a new record of 45 days.

(Photo: Commissioner Miguel Martinez Madrid and two colleagues from the Honduran Special Tactical Operations Group on an operation in the field. Credit: Honduran Special Tactical Operations Group)

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