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This week we consider what's at stake in a dispute between one of the world's largest publishing houses, Hachette, and the world's biggest book seller, Amazon.

Scott Jacobson joins us from Seattle, he’s a former executive at Amazon and one of those who pioneered the launch of the Amazon Kindle, and Philip Jones is Editor of the “Publisher’s Bible”, the Bookseller magazine.

Sam Hall is also known as the DJ Goldierocks, her radio show The Selector broadcasts in over 40 countries and she’ll be in the studio telling us what the book industry could learn from the world of music.

We're also looking at what it means to be a “content creator” in the Internet age. We’ll hear from Julia Donaldson, the author of children’s sensation The Gruffalo, and we’ll consider how you can make it all pay with the comedian Colm O’Regan.

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