Ep. 14 Selfish Shellfish

We meet a young girl called Melody and her mum. Melody is playing in the sand pit. Melody’s mum tells her to listen to the shell and holds it over her ear. She can hear the sea. Melody’s mum tells her that it used to belong to a shellfish that lived in the sea and suggests that her cuddly toy, Fudge might like to listen. Melody will not let him. Her mum reminds her that it is important to share. Melody then asks if her mum has got any sea music.

Melody listens to the ‘Aquarium’ movement from the Carnival of the Animals by Saint-Saëns. As Melody listens to the music, she is transported into an animated world, and she starts to think of a story in response to the music. She imagines an adventure under the sea. Melody and Fudge watch a seahorse playing with a pearl. The seahorse asks the crab to play with him as he likes sharing with others. They are sharing and playing nicely when all of a sudden, the selfish crab decides to take the pearl into his cave. The sad sea horse goes to play with a large group of seahorses. The crab plays by himself but soon loses the pearl. The large group of seahorses invite the crab to come and play with them. Melody realises the importance of sharing and allows Fudge to listen to the shell.

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