My Brother Wanted to Join the Taliban

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Robb Leech's stepbrother, Richard Dart, went from being a white middle-class British teenager to an extreme Islamist. In 2013 he was convicted of 'preparing acts of terrorism' and sentenced to six years in prison. Robb, a film-maker, has been exploring what brought about this radical transformation. His latest film is called My Brother the Terrorist.

Singer Maria Rita Camargo Mariano is the only daughter of Elis Regina, the queen of 20th Century Brazilian music. Maria was just four years old when her mother died. But Maria has since become a huge star in her own right. She has just released her sixth album Coração a Batucar. Gibby Zobel met her in Rio de Janeiro.

Cory Richards is a photographer and mountaineer. He describes how he escaped an avalanche whilst climbing in Pakistan - talks about the selfie he took of himself, crying and covered in snow and ice. That picture made it to the cover of National Geographic.

Jose Mari Unamuno and Edorta Unamuno are friends who share a love of wild birds - and the same surname! They are from the Basque region of Spain and they tell us about how together they've created a bird research centre.

(Picture: Robb Leech (left) and Richard Dart (right) Credit: Grace Productions/James Appleton)

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