Sarajevo: Nationalism

A world of empires entered the war; the world that came after was one of nation states. Balkan historians join the BBC broadcaster Allan Little to discuss the drive for nationhood during the First World War and its impact on nationalism to this day. Exactly one hundred years ago a shot rang out on the streets of Sarajevo which set the world on a path to war: was the Archduke’s assassin a nationalist? How did the peace made after the First World War influence the ethnic conflicts in the region during the 1990s.

In a special event with the British Council, Allan Little presents our first debate from the Sarajevo War Theatre in Bosnia with guests: Amir Duranovic from the University of Sarajevo; Bojan Aleksov from the University College, London, and formerly University of Belgrade. The celebrated Bosnian Theatre Director Haris Pasovic gives his very personal take on nationalism and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.

55 minutes

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