Jonathan Harvey

Donald Macleod is in the company of British composer Jonathan Harvey, a fastidious craftsman whose works are very much music of integration, often bringing together different worlds: cutting-edge electronics and traditional instruments, past and present, material and ethereal.

Harvey is singularly thoughtful about his own art and the process by which he makes it, but he is not a composer with his head in the clouds - he is very much hands-on when it comes to computer technology and electronics, and how they can be harnessed to open up new worlds of the imagination.

He is a composer whose work encompasses the realms of bliss as well as the practicalities and imperfections of the world of real instruments and earthly musicians. In an interview some time ago, he asked himself what the purpose of music is: 'It is, in my view, to reveal the nature of suffering and to heal - the one big question of existence.'

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ComposerJonathan Harvey

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